30 Oct 2011

Fashion Forward Halloween

 I just love the whole idea of Halloween and not just the mysterious side of the October 30th, but also the fashionable side of it.

If you're looking for some ideas and picking out what you are going to dress as, follow some Halloween-inspired looks from "scary" photoshoots over the years.

2008_"Bedknobs and Broomsticks" from Lula Magazine

I personally love the way they mix nature and fantasy, and also a lot of style!

2009_ "Tim Burton's Tricks and Treats" from Harper's Bazaar

 I chose the best pictures of it. It's cripy!!

2010_ VOGUE Paris

This is high-fashion Halloween (wow)

2011_ "Mechanical Dolls" for VOGUE Italia

My favourite editorial. Very avant-garde. Very miscellaneous. Thanks Tim Walker.

I gave you witches, skeletons,monsters, gothics, scary puppets...
With all this current trends, I wish you to be the most extraordinary-looking girl at the party!

Ready for trick or treat time??

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