16 Aug 2012


There's a reason why I've been away from INSIDE COVERS...
I've just moved to Barcelona for the next two months!
My first impressions about the city... Well, people walk more slowly, love to eat, talk more and just sit on plazas enjoying life. The fashion is different here. It's casual while still adding some top details. It's easy to get lost in with all the shops around every corner!!

Discover the fashion world, trends, style and lifestyle in Barcelona while I'm in town...

Photography by Jessica Silva 


  1. I love your pictures, especially the last ones! last year I went to Barcelona and I really enjoyed my stay, I went to learn some spanish at bcnlanguages school and I had the chance to discover the city. Great people, places and gastronomy! I want to go back soon.


  2. Thanks Paty!! I'm loving the city! You're right it's great and definitely with lots of great art. I will upload more pics to the blog very soon. x

  3. It seems an amazing city, so many beautiful photos.

    Enjoy, Barcelona!
    Manu Luize.

  4. sortudaaa!!!!
    quando nos revemos :)

  5. Spain is amazing and Barcelona also.. i'm a young english boy and i took classes of Spanish in a well organized school. this is the link if you are interested http://www.idiomas247.com/