16 Nov 2011


 I got the black cover paper!! I've just received the invitation from VOGUE Portugal!
Guess what? ...Yep, to join them for the launch of Versace's H&M Collection, at H&M Grandella, in Lisbon.

Ful access to the pivate zone picking unique Versace clothes and also getting a 20% off at the rest of the H&M.
Woohoo, I got it: From 10 to midnight, sipping a cocktail or two, listening to music and discouvering the latest women and men's H&M clothing pieces and... shopping.

Check NOW the Official Video

Iconic pieces. Glamourous details. It's VERSACE.
Tonight I'm going for the gold...
Tomorrow, get shiny, the Versace Collection for H&M goes on sale for you too!!

Stay tuned on INSIDE COVERS for all the official pictures


  1. O que compraste linda? Dp vou colocar no blog as minhas relíquias...

  2. heyhey! comprei um lenço brutal da versace que me vai dar imenso jeito. Compraste muita coisa? Tive com a Carmo na loja mas nao te vi. Quero news do teu blog. Kiss